What's it all about?

Well, a few years ago we came up with the (crazy) idea of building an underground shelter for walkers/campers to get out of the rain and wind.  But how were we going to make that happen?

How’s it made?

We started out by digging a BIG hole.  Then we made a sealed shelter 5 metres x 5 metres using recycled fibre glass tanks and build a huge internal wooden frame to keep the roof up.  We cut a hole in the front and added old conservatory windows and doors.  Then decided to knock a hole in the roof to let in more light during the day and see the stars at night.

Why bother going underground?

Apart from the obvious novelty factor of being underground it's great because it minimises noise (from wind and rain) - it is so peaceful, it keeps the shelter at a more constant temperature (the earth insulates the shelter to help keep it warmer at night and cooler during the day) and there's less maintenance - no roof tiles to fix, no walls to paint.   Plus it's an amazing feeling being below the surface!